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Saw Palmetto

Used by over 2 million men in the United States, saw palmetto is an extremely popular natural ingredient with a substantial amount of clinical research behind it.

Saw palmetto is a small palm tree that can be found in southeastern areas of the United States. Extracts from the fruit of the saw palmetto tree are typically what's used in men's health supplements and capsules.

Saw palmetto's traditional uses date back to Native Americans in Florida. This tribe ate the berries to combat urinary and reproductive problems.

In a summary of 18 clinical trials involving 2,939 men, saw palmetto addressed lower urinary tract issues and urine flow measures more effectively than a placebo.§ The same studies also demonstrated that taking saw palmetto was as effective in improving urinary symptom scores and peak urinary flow rates as other therapies in men.§

In fact, few adverse effects have ever been confirmed with saw palmetto extract.

URINOZINC's Saw Palmetto Extract vs. Powder

URINOZINC® uses concentrated saw palmetto extract instead of less potent dried, powered berries. You'd need to take 20 powder-filled 500mg capsules of other saw palmetto supplements to get the same level of active compound nutrients provided in URINOZINC® Classic.

comparison chart of Prostate Plus Classic and other UrinoZinc products

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