No one looks forward to aging. Sure, you have more knowledge and experience, but there are clear drawbacks that can't be ignored. Like so many body parts and functions, prostate health changes with age. Your sex drive may be decreasing, your testosterone levels lowering, and you may become self-conscious about things that never concerned you before. What are these changes, and what can you do about them?


What Changes, to Whom (And When)

An aging prostate is possibly the result of changes in male sex hormones as you age. An aging prostate is only one change that occurs. The aging prostate gland may begin to cause discomfort around age 50, although it can start earlier. The urge to urinate more frequently and at night is one side effect of this. Lowered libido can also be related to an aging prostate.

Half of American men will show signs of an aging prostate by age 60. If you are of African, Caribbean or Latin American heritage, you may be more likely to experience these age-related changes. If you’ve been diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, heart or circulatory diseases, you are also in the higher risk category.


Psychological Changes

A lowered interest in sex can be the result of hormonal changes, and there are psychological changes men may experience as a result of their physical changes. You might be embarrassed to see a doctor or to be intimate with your partner. Feelings of shame can well up, especially if your partner has a stronger libido or is more healthy than you.

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How Urinozinc Can Help

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