If you think saw palmetto sounds like the name of a gritty P.I. in an 80s crime series, you're not wrong. But saw palmetto is a natural ingredient that's often used in supplements to support men's prostate health.


Where It Comes From

Saw palmetto is a small palm tree that can be found in southeastern areas of the United States, like Florida. Extracts from the fruit of the saw palmetto tree are typically what's used in men's health supplements and capsules. It's also found in liquid form and teas. Saw palmetto supplements are more common in Europe than in the United States, but its popularity is growing among men who experience prostate issues as they age.


How Saw Palmetto Is Used

Saw palmetto's traditional uses date back to Native Americans in Florida, like the Seminole tribe. This tribe ate the berries to combat urinary and reproductive problems. 


The Impact of Saw Palmetto on Prostate Health

When the prostate ages, it can press against the bladder and cause problems with urination. Sometimes the bladder will not empty completely, or the prostate will obstruct part of the urinary tract. With so many men searching for natural methods to remedy their health problems, it makes sense that saw palmetto and its extract would be a hot topic.

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