URINOZINC® Family of Prostate Health Supplements

At URINOZINC®, we see our role as an advocate and educator on men’s health. It’s important for you to know--not all prostate health supplements are created equal. All URINOZINC® products are formulated with clinically studied amounts of key nutrients to support prostate health and function.†

URINOZINC® Prostate Plus product packaging

URINOZINC® Prostate Plus

Formulated with the #1 ingredient combination doctors prefer most: Saw Palmetto + Beta-Sitosterol. Along with 13 other key nutrients like zinc, lycopene and selenium to give you combined benefits for total prostate health maintenance and support.†

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URINOZINC® Prostate Classic product packaging

URINOZINC® Prostate Classic

Saw Palmetto formula to address frequent urination. Supports healthy urinary flow, normal bladder emptying and restful sleep. Contains a unique blend of B vitamins for healthy stress management.†

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