Less Bathroom, More Bedroom™

URINOZINC® (u-RIN-o-zinc) combines key super nutrients for the ultimate guy supplement.

These prostate friendly, clinically studied ingredients were selected for their targeted benefits in bladder and prostate health.

In fact, saw palmetto paired with beta-sitosterol is the ingredient combination doctors prefer most.

Along with 14 other key nutrients found in nature, UrinoZinc® Prostate Plus Daily Immunity is specially formulated to support prostate and immune system health.

Hardworking, Double Duty Nutrients

We added Vitamin A to our unique prostate formula AND boosted these double-duty ingredients to support both your prostate health and immune system:


Supports testosterone metabolism†
Helps immune system fight infections†

B12 + Folate

Support a healthy blood flow†
Support immune cell production†


Support prostate cell health†
Support immune response†


Helps protect prostate cells†
Supports virus-fighting function†

Why buy separate prostate AND immunity supplements when UrinoZinc delivers prostate AND immune system support for HALF or 1/3 less than leading prostate-only supplements!

comparison chart of Prostate Plus Immunity versus the competition

"Prescriptions GET us out of trouble. Supplements KEEP us out of trouble." – Dr. Ditrolio

How does our diet impact prostate health?

What should I eat and drink to keep my prostate happy?

How can a growing prostate impact my sex life?

What else could be causing my frequent urination?

About Dr. Ditrolio

Dr. Joseph V. DiTrolio, a Board-Certified practicing Urologist, is a professor in the Department of Surgery at Rutgers Medical School and a founding member of The Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons. He has actively supported our veterans since 1979 through ongoing affiliation with the East Orange Veterans Association.

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