No More Time Outs for Bathroom Breaks


You’re wearing your lucky jersey and watching the green turf as your favorite players take to the field for another play. You’re cheering them on with your group of friends who have all been waiting all year for this season. But then it hits you, and it's only 3 minutes into the first quarter.

You have to go to the bathroom. Again. But you just went before the game!

Now comes the awkward moment of getting up yet again and having all the random fans in your row sigh as they see you standing up. You shuffle past them as you feel the eye rolls and avoid knocking over anyone’s drinks. This won’t be the last time you do this throughout the game either. And it’s not because you drank too much or are having an off day. It’s a sign that your prostate health is being avoided and needs a check-in.

Frequent urination is a common issue that men over the age of 55 can begin to experience as they age. Not only do you suffer from the physical annoyance of running to the bathroom every chance you get, but you become anxious over the people around you having to witness it too. Going to football games, seeing a movie with your significant other, even sitting on an airplane can lead to you avoiding your social life altogether in fear of causing a bothersome environment for others.

Exciting social events can be stressful as you become your own coach trying to figure out game plans for each social setting you’re in. You have to strategically plan where the bathrooms are, what scene in the movie you can break away from, and even pick the aisle seat on the plane even if you really love that window seat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s time to say “F-U” to Frequent Urination and give your prostate health some much-needed attention.

So it’s time to put in your star players for the big game against Frequent Urination. Let’s begin with your starting lineup: your doctor, healthy lifestyle habits, and prostate health supplements.

Your doctor can act as your quarterback, the person who calls the plays and decides which player gets their shot at the ball. Your doctor should be your first stop on your journey to a healthier prostate. They can assess the severity of your prostate condition and put together your next steps.

Let’s throw in your offensive line, a.k.a. your healthier lifestyle choices. When they’re at their best, then no one can get to your quarterback. So the healthier choices you make, the fewer trips you’ll be taking to the doctor. This means increasing your daily exercise, even if it means 30 minutes of walking a day or taking time throughout your day to get up from your desk and walk around the office. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be a chore either. Swapping out that greasy pizza for some grilled chicken or fish could be simple steps to getting into a healthier routine.

Lastly, you can’t forget about your wide receiver, a.k.a. your prostate supplements. This player will take all the great efforts from your doctor and healthy living to the end zone for that game-winning touchdown. Prostate supplements can act as that final push to get your prostate back on track. URINOZINC® is a prostate dietary supplement brand that can help you get back on track by giving you the nutrients your prostate needs so it can maintain a healthy state.

You don’t have to be “that guy” at the game causing everyone to miss a great play, or “that guy” at the concert who misses the best song of the night. With your undefeated team, you get to be the guy that doesn’t get to miss another second.

So get your head in the game and quit taking those unnecessary time outs!