One of your most reliable allies in prostate health is your doctor. As you approach 50 years old, you’ll want to discuss your family medical history with your doctor, as well as how other important diagnoses can put you at risk for prostate difficulties.

Your doctor may give you a digital rectal exam, as well as possibly a blood test for prostate chemicals in the blood.

You may or may not have active signs of an aging prostate, but either way, your doctor can advise you on lifestyle changes that can help avoid or relieve any issues. The most important thing is to get accustomed to being open and honest with your doctor about your questions. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about or delay—your doctor has heard it all before! If you make your doctor a partner in preventive prostate health, your emotional comfort and practical ability to manage your aging prostate issues will both improve.

Many doctors recommend that their patients start with URINOZINC® to help support better prostate health. Ask about it at your next visit.

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