Bill Engvall's #FU Moment

In case you want to laugh at what he used to go through, check his story out:

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#FUMoments Contest Winner

"Hey, Bill Engvall here. Before I started taking Urinozinc I was Fed Up with Frequent Urination. And I know others are too because after I shared an embarrassing Frequent Urination story or what we like to call “FU Moment,” I started getting some hilarious stories back, and I thought “hey, I should ask for more of these!” So, I partnered with Urinozinc to host the #FUMomentsContest. People entered, the stories were great. The grand prize winner made me laugh so hard I almost had my own #FUMoment right then. Congrats to @jkpbeebop! Check out the winning video below and be sure to follow us on social for more #FUMoments."




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