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Frequent urination disrupting your life?

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If you suffer from:

  • ... a frequent need to urinate
  • ... difficulty starting urination
  • ... inability to completely empty the bladder
  • ... waking up in the middle of the night to urinate

It’s time to take charge of your prostate health.

A healthy prostate reduces pressure on the bladder, allows urine to flow more freely, is important for sexual function, and maintains quality of life.†

URINOZINC® (u-RIN-o-zinc) gives your prostate the critical support it needs through two key super nutrients.

These prostate friendly, clinically studied ingredients were selected for their targeted benefits in bladder and prostate health.

In fact, saw palmetto paired with beta-sitosterol is the ingredient combination doctors prefer most.

Along with 13 other key nutrients found in nature, URINOZINC Prostate Plus is specially formulated to support healthy flow, frequency and function.†


Saw Palmetto Extract
promotes prostate cell health

Beta-sitosterol and Zinc
improves testosterone metabolism

Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid
supports a healthy blood flow

Selenium, Vitamin E and Lycopene
rich in prostate friendly antioxidants

Pygeum Africanum
(African Plum/Cherry Tree)

promotes a healthy urine flow

Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium
encourages mineral absorption and regulation

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Results of the STREAM Physician Directed Open-Label Patient Experience Study January, 2019*

540 Physicians

Invited their patients to participate. 455 patient responses.


of patients given Urinozinc for 47 days were very satisfied with the results.


said they would continue to use Urinozinc to maintain prostate health.

Most men experienced benefits from Urinozinc® within 30 DAYS of regular daily use.

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UrinoZinc® Prostate Plus 60 Caplets, 1 Month Supply

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URINOZINC® Prostate Plus is specially formulated to support:

  • healthy prostate function 
  • improved urinary flow and frequency 
  • normal bladder emptying 
  • more restful sleep 

URINOZINC® is a safe, drug-free supplement, with no known side effects, which supports prostate health and wellness.

Use As Directed

Regular daily use of Urinozinc is important. Take 2 caplets each day.

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