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About DSE Healthcare Solutions.

DSE Healthcare Solutions offers products that provide relief for specialty health concerns. Each of our products meets stringent guidelines for quality, purity, and potency. They all provide a safe, effective, superior quality that exceeds industry standards.*

  • Absorbine Jr.®
    A topical pain reliever for aching or stiff joints, backaches, sprains, strains, and foot pain, sore muscles, and arthritis pain
  • Albolene® Moisturizing Cleanser
    A makeup remover that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized
  • Anti-Monkey Butt Powder®
    Specially formulated with calamine powder to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation
  • Certain Dri®
    #1 doctor recommended brand of anti-perspirant for controlling excessive underarm sweating
  • CharcoCaps®
    Absorbs and eliminates intestinal gas and bloating
  • Cystex®
    The only over-the-counter urinary pain reliever available with a dual-action formula that eases pain and burning caused by a UTI plus antibacterial
  • Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex
    Urinary pain relief that provides the health benefits of 8 glasses of cranberry juice
  • Lipo-Flavonoid®
    No. 1 ENT doctor recommended brand for ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

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